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  __________ Bidder Number

Bidder Registration Form

Form must be completed in full to participate. PLEASE PRINT

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: __________________________________________________

Daytime Phone: _____________________ Evening Phone: _______________

Email: _____________________________

I understand that I am freely participating in a fundraising event to benefit the American Cancer Society. I understand that I am bidding on date packages (bachelors dates are optional) provided by volunteer bachelors, and if I am the highest bidder, my donation will be collected today by Exquisite Events by Meeka and deposited to American Cancer Society.

I understand that my personal contact information will not be shared with the bachelor (s) offering the date packages. The date package contents will be given to me the night of the event directly from Exquisite Events by Meeka and I am not obligated to go on a date with the bachelor (s). I understand that if I decide to attend the optional date, I will provide the bachelor with my contact information.

I release and hold harmless, Exquisite Events by Meeka from any liability to the Charity Bachelor Auction & Gala and any date packages and subsequent dates I may participate in as a result of the bachelor auction.

No one under the age of 18 may participate in the Charity Bachelor Auction & Gala as a bidder.

____ Yes, I am 18 years or older

Your signature ______________________ Date __________________________


By attending the auction, all bachelors and auction participants agree that the auction organizers cannot be held liable for the action of any bachelors or auction participants. This includes but not limited to, criminal or immoral actions by either the winning bidder or auctionee during either the auction event or at any time before or after the event. All auction participants and bachelors are highly encouraged to practice good judgment when participating in either the date auction or individual optional dates. While oriented toward mature adults, the date auction and subsequent dates are intended to be enjoyable by all participants. No lewd, sexually suggestive, physically aggressive, immature, or demeaning behavior by any auction participants or bachelors will be tolerated.