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.dream proposals

One question changes the rest of your life. It needs to be exquisite!

You've come to the right place. Whether it's a private and extraordinarily beautiful or elaborate and dramatic, our ideas embrace the story of you so this moment feels genuine and authentic. Serving Connecticut, Western Mass and available Internationally.


FULL .Proposal Planning.

The whole kit and caboodle. Everything including the kitchen sink. Full service proposal planning covers all four steps of the process (see chart below), Start with your Q & A Session, approve the concept and let us take care of the rest. 

IDEA CREATION .Proposal Planning.

Use us for our creative brains. You take charge of the rest. We design an incredible proposal concept based on your unique love story. Perfect for our clients with big dreams but a small budget. Idea Creation includes steps one and two of the process (see chart below).


Title Two



Initial Consultation

Idea Presentation

Vendors & Planning

The Marriage Proposal

Let's Talk. During a Question and Answer session, tell us all about your sweet heart, any must-haves for the proposal and discover what makes your love story truly unique.

Approve your custom designed proposal idea. Make tweaks and refine things until it's perfect. Once locked in, you get a blueprint with all the final details.

Handpick a team of vendors to produce your engagement. An exclusive location, professional musicians, flowers, video... all the bells and whistles that your heart desires!

Relax. Our experienced team is behind the scenes making sure every last detail is considered. Your only worry is what word comes after "Will You Marry Me?"

. Proposal Idea Generator.

Answer a few fun and simple questions about your future fiance and we'll match you with one of our custom-designed proposal ideas!